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Kiss of Nations (Subscription)

Kiss of Nations (Subscription)

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Flavor Profile: Orange, Lime, Wheat
Blend: Ethiopia + Guatamala
Roast: City + Viennese
Process: Natural + Washed

Kiss of Nations is a 50/50 blend of our Guatemala Huehue, roasted to a viennese, and our Ethiopia natural Yirgacheffe, as a city roast.

Blending these two gets you the chocolatey taste and full body of the Huehue and the bright, fruity flavor of the Ethiopian. Usually in a natural, you’ll get quite a bit of acidity in your cup but pairing it with the Huehue minimizes the tangy aftertaste giving you a balanced cup.

You’ll get strong notes of dark chocolate and blackberry, then it will start leaning towards a smokey herbal after taste. This blend recreates the strengths found in both of the origins while taking away any effects that might be considered undesirable to some.

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