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Roast Along Experience 10.21 at 10am

Roast Along Experience 10.21 at 10am

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Guarantee: If you don't feel like you got more than you paid for, let us know and you will get a full refund and a drink for the road.

Time and Place: 9.21.23 @ 10am @ Livit Coffee Co. (1509 E Isaacs Ave.)

Come join us in learning about coffee WHILE we roast it so that you can see the changes in process! In this experience we'll walk through some of the fundamental differences in coffee in origin, process, and roast profile. Doin it all while we are roasting!

Learning points:

I. Coffee Origins: Learn about coffee from different countries and how they affect the flavor of your cup.

II. The Roasting Process: Watch coffee beans change color and taste as we roast them. See how the roast level affects what you taste.

III. Processing Methods: Discover how coffee processing makes each coffee unique. We'll talk about washed, natural, and honey-processed coffees.

IV. Tasting Session: Taste four coffees to put the things that we learn to the taste.

VIP: The VIP option includes an avocado toast to enjoy while you sample, and pound of coffee that we roasted that morning. (Combined value with class $48.50)

Can't wait to explore the world of coffee with you!

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